Evolution of the EHCB

The EuroLeague Head Coaches Board (EHCB) was founded as a nonprofit sports association in February 2019 in Belgrade, Serbia. The idea of having a EuroLeague coaches association was discussed for several years amongst the coaches. In June 2018 during the EB Institute Annual Workshops Head Coaches Meeting at the Euroleague Basketball office in Barcelona the decision was made to establish the EuroLeague Head Coaches Board. Zeljko Obradovic and Pablo Laso have been unanimously voted for President and Vice-President and Goran Sasic was elected as the Executive Director, from 14 EuroLeague coaches who have been present at that meeting. In July 4 th, 2019 we had our first Assembly which was held in Badalona and two advisors where added to the Management: Cem Karamuersel, Jan Pommer. In 2020 Amit Ganor and Svetlana Krstajic joined the EHCB management staff.

Members and possible extension in the future

We currently have 20 members who are or have been head coaches in a EuroLeague club. We decided to start with EuroLeague head coaches exclusively since in any start up strategic planning is very important and we wanted to be homogeneous in the beginning. The goal in the future is to open to all coaches who are interested to participate.

Mission statement

We want to build a fundament for the future coaches and to leave a legacy for the good of basketball. That is our main purpose and our primary goal is to educate future coaches and transmit to them EuroLeague coaches values and insights.
We want to reach out to Coaches associations around the globe
We want to speak in one voice to all stakeholders
We want to be heard in governance especially labor regulations an competition developments and their implementations
We want to be available for our societies to raise awareness for people with special needs or in special situations. The foundation of sports are our fans and they live for us and we live for them

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