About Our Coaches

We currently have 20 members who are or have been Head Coaches in a EuroLeague club. We decided to start with EuroLeague Head Coaches exclusively since in any start up strategic planning is very important and we wanted to be homogenous in the beginning. The goal in the future is to open to all coaches who are interested to participate.
Zeljko Obradovic
Pablo Laso
Vice President
Ahmet Caki
Andrea Trinchieri
Dejan Radonjic
Dimitris Itoudis
Dimitris Priftis
Ergin Ataman
Ettore Messina
Georgios Bartzokas
Ioannis Sfairopoulos
Neven Spahija
Sarunas Jasikevicius
Sasa Obradovic
Selcuk Ernak
Sergio Scariolo
Simone Pianigiani
Velimir Perasovic
Xavi Pascual
Zvezdan Mitrovic

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