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About The EHCB Coaches Academy

The EHCB Coaches Academy is entering its 4th year with new upgrades but the same goals. In a very short time, our alumni can be seen already making strides in their careers, given new opportunities, and excelling in their individual career paths. 

Our online program allows participating coaches to access all lectures both live and recorded from anywhere in the world at any time while also continuing their daily work. In addition, not only will they learn from the best professors and head coaches, but they will also be given the opportunity to get to know and network with coaches from around the globe.

On top of that, for the first time ever, the 4th generation of the EHCB Coaches Academy will have the chance to spent one week as interns on a EuroLeague coaching staff. 

The EHCB Coaches Academy is an innovative program like no other, specifically aimed at basketball coaches. Partnering with the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education from the University of Belgrade, we formed a curriculum aimed at teaching the fundamentals of basketball coaching from the very best in the game. For seven months, starting December 2023 and until July 2024 participating coaches in the 4th Generation of the EHCB Coaches Academy will receive online lectures divided into eight parts unlike four in the past generations of the program: 

  1. University of Belgrade General Academic Lectures  
  2. University of Belgrade Basketball Academic Lectures
  3. EuroLeague Assistant Coaches Scouting Lectures (NEW)
  4. ESCCA Strength & Conditioning Coaches Lectures (NEW)
  5. UEBO EuroLeague Officiating Lectures (NEW)
  6. EuroLeague Doctors Medical Lectures (NEW)
  7. EHCB Members Online Lectures
  8. EHCB Coaches Congress

The first two sections will be delivered by the University of Belgrade while the EHCB Members Online Lectures and EHCB Coaches Congress, similar to previous editions, by the EuroLeague Head Coaches Board.

Joining the program will be the EuroLeague Assistant Coaches, the EuroLeague Strength & Conditioning Coaches Association (ESCCA), the Union of EuroLeague Basketball Officiating (UEBO), and finally, another module will focus on the medical side of the game which will be delivered by the EuroLeague Doctors.

The EHCB member coaches are at the top of the top and accumulate together well over 300 seasons as head coaches across the globe. Together, they have won endless titles including EuroLeague Championships, 204 National Championship titles, International club championships, World and European championship trophies, and Olympic Medals.

The mission of the EHCB is to transfer that coaching knowledge and valuable experience which has been accumulated over years and at the highest levels, to future generations of coaches from all over the globe – to leave a legacy, improve the game, and solidify the coaches role as part of the game for years to come. 

On the academic side, the prestigious Basketball Coaching College from Belgrade has for the first time in its history become available for everyone around the globe – delivering lectures online and in English.  The founder of the program, Professor Aleksandar Nikolic initially created this program with the intention of educating coaches from former Yugoslavia. Little did he know he would create a footprint for generations of future legends in coaches such as Bozidar Maljkovic, Dusan Ivkovic, and current EHCB member and former President Zeljko Obradovic. Now the program has gone global.

The program will conclude at the annual EHCB Coaches Congress for in-person sessions including panel discussions, on-court masterclasses, and networking evenings including the participants of the EHCB Coaches Academy, our EHCB Member coaches, and other participants from around the world. 

Our program has in a very short time made its way to the top of all basketball coaching programs in both its format, the quality of the content, and no less important, the opportunity it provides coaches to advance their individual careers. The 4th Generation of the EHCB Coaches Academy promises an unbelievable learning experience. Upon passing and completing all the necessary material, the participants will receive the EHCB Coaches Academy certificate. 

With more than 350 Alumni from over 50 countries, including head coaches, assistant coaches, scouts, conditioning coaches, and sports managers, if you believe you belong in this program, we encourage you to take that next step and leap of faith in yourself and draw your own future! 

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This online learning platform will allow participants to participate from anywhere online. Participants will receive an academic transfer of knowledge combined with masterminds coaches knowledge from the EHCB members. The transfer of knowledge will be threefold by the academic professors from the University of Belgrade, by the EHCB members, the UEBO referees, and between the participating coaches from around the globe. The program will cultivate at the annual 2024 EHCB Coaches Congress for in-person sessions including panel discussions, on-court masterclasses, and networking evenings together with participants from all over the globe. The format of the program promises an unbelievable network and first-class knowledge from the best basketball coaches in the world.

It's an experience that coaches will never forget.

An EHCB certificate will be given to all participants at the end of the EHCB Coaches Academy.

Registration is open now for active basketball coaches speaking English. 

Make that next step to elevate your coaching knowledge, skills, and career.

Apply now for the 2024 EHCB Coaches Academy!

Our program is divided into 8 modules:

  • Functional Anatomy
  • Physiology of Physical Activity
  • Human Motor Abilities
  • Biomechanics
  • Motor Learning
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Nutritioning
  • Sports Therapy
  • Fundamentals of Sports Training
  • Basketball Analysis
  • Technical & Individual Tactical Skills
  • Group & Team Tactics
  • Periodization in Basketball
  • Practice Planning & Programing
  • Defence
  • Offence
  • Scouting
  • Online Panel Discussion (Q&A)
  • Game Management and Communication
  • Unsportsmanlike fouls
  • Travelling violations
  • Charge/block situations and DSC
  • Foul criteria
  • Opponent team scouting
  • Self scouting
  • Players scouting
  • Understanding the Dynamics of Activity and Physiological Demands in Basketball
  • Preserving Peak Performance: Building the Perfect Medical Team for Your Basketball Squad
  • On the Court Safeguard: The Essential Role of Pre-Participation Assessment and Screening in Basketball
  • Guarding Against the Bounce: A Deep Dive into Basketball Injuries - Epidemiology and Risk Factors
  • Guardians of Health: The Team Physician's Crucial Role in Basketball
  • Game-Time Resilience: A Pragmatic Approach to Managing Injuries in Basketball
  • Navigating the Path to Success: The Journey of Young and Adolescent Basketball Players
  • The Winning Edge: Essential Considerations in Basketball – Court, Shoes, Gear, and Material
  • Injury prevention-strategies and basic ideas
  • Competitive conditioning in basketball
  • The sRPE system, inexpensive and effective method to monitor training load
  • Injury prevention-strategies and basic ideas
  • EHCB Members Panel Discussions
  • Networking Reception
  • On-court masterclasses

The EHCB Member Coaches

Dimitris Itoudis (President)
Fenerbahce Beko Istanbul
Giannis Sfairopoulos (Vice President)
EHCB Member
Andrea Trinchieri
EHCB member
Ahmet Caki
EHCB Member
Chus Mateo
Real Madrid
Dejan Radonjic
EHCB Member
Erdem Can
Anadolu Efes
Ergin Ataman
Panathinaikos Athens
Georgios Bartzokas
Olympiacos Piraeus
Israel Gonzalez Nunez
ALBA Berlin
Kazys Maksvytis
Zalgiris Kaunas
Oded Kattash
Maccabi Tel Aviv
Pablo Laso
Bayern Munich
Sarunas Jasikevicius
EHCB Member
Sasa Obradovic
AS Monaco
Selcuk Ernak
EHCB Member
Sergio Scariolo
EHCB Member
Simone Pianigiani
KK Cedevita Olimpija
T. J. Parker
Xavi Pascual
Zenit St. Petersburg
Zeljko Obradovic
Partizan NIS Belgrade
Danny Franco
Hapoel Tel Aviv
Dušan Alimpijević
Besiktas Istanbul
Mihai Silvășan
U-BT Cluj-Napoca
Yakup Sekizkök
Darusafakka Istanbul
Zvezdan Mitrovic
Galatasaray Istanbul
Alberto Seravalli
Virtus Bologna (assistant coach)
Alp Timucin Yener
Fenerhache BEKO Istanbul (assistant)
Bogdan Karaičić
Partizan Belgrade (assistant coach)
Marko Simonović
EHCB Member
Rado Trifunović
Fenerhache BEKO Istanbul (assistant)
Stefanos Dedas
Fenerhache BEKO Istanbul (assistant)
Bugra Bayezit
Besiktas Istanbul (assistant coach)
Dmytro Boldaiev
Besiktas Istanbul (assistant coach)
Grega Nachbar
KK Cedevita Olimpija (assistant coach)
A message from our Alumni of the EHCB Coaches Academy
Ismail Senol, Jelena Todorovic and Serhat Cetin talk about the EHCB Coaches Academy
Three different backgrounds came together with Ismail Senol as a TV commentator, Jelena Todorovic as a Serbian coach from Australia and Serhat Cetin as a professional ex-player and revised their experiences as participants from the EHCB Coaches Academy. EHCB President Dimitris Itoudis talks about his past and how he became a coach.
Message from our Alumni
Getting in contact with the top EuroLeague coaches, taking their knowledge and applying to your needs! Our Alumni Troy Culley, Asaf Hal Addad, Mustapha El Hafidi, Bogdan Bogdanov, Marko Scekic and Shem Obiero share their experiences!

The University of Belgrade Academic Faculty

Sasa Jakovljevic, PhD - Full Professor
Aleksandar Nedeljkovic, PhD - Full Professor
Human motor abilities
Aleksandra Popovic
Functional Anatomy
Ana Vescovic, PhD - Associate Professor
Sport Psychology
Branka Markovic, PhD - Assistant Professor
Functional Anatomy / Sports therapy
Dejan Suzovic, PhD - Full Professor
Human motor abilities
Dusko Ilic, PhD - Full Professor
Igor Ranisavljev, PhD - Associate Professor
Strength & Conditioning
Marija Macura, PhD - Full Professor
Marina Djordjevic-Nikic, PhD - Full Professor
Marko Cosic, PhD - Assistant Professor
Fundamentals of sports traning
Radivoj Mandic, PhD - Assistant Professor
Sandra Radenovic, PhD - Associate Professor
Sport sociology
Vladimir Ilic, PhD - Associate Professor
Vladimir Mrdakovic, PhD - Associate Professor
Motor learning
A message from the Dean
Professor Sasa Jakovljevic, Dean - Faculty of Sports and Physical Education - University of Belgrade
The coaches college is part of our faculty which has partnered with the EHCB Coaches Academy. The famous coach Alexander Nikolic, was our student and also our professor. He established the coaches college at our faculty. Among our famous students were Bozidar Maljkovic, Dusan Ivkovic, and President of the EHCB Zeljko Obradovic. I Sasa Jakovljevic invite you to join us in this journey.
Frequently Asked Questions
click to see the answers
Where is this program taking place?
The EHCB Coaches Academy is an online program for current basketball coaches around the globe. In June/ July 2023 the participants will meet in person for the annual EHCB Coaches Congress where they will join hundreds of coaches from around the world.
Who is this program for?
The EHCB Coaches Academy is an online educational program for current basketball coaches of all levels.
Is this a full time program?
No. This program is part time and most of the lectures and content will be available for our participants also after the live streams since all sessions will be recorded. This will allow for working coaches to continue their daily routine throughout the duration of the program.
How much does it cost to apply for the EHCB Coaches Academy?
The registration fee for approved candidates is 2000 euro. This fee includes participation at the annual EHCB Coaches Congress.
Can I receive a scholarship?
Scholarships may be available upon receiving and reviewing special requests. After submitting the application online, applicants looking for financial aid should write us via email to academy@headcoaches.org and include their request in writing.
When is the deadline for registration?
The deadline for registration is December 10th, 2022.
Will participants be able to attend the 2023 EHCB Coaches Congress?
Participation at the 2023 EHCB Coaches Congress is included in the fee for the 2023 EHCB Coaches Academy.
How long is the EHCB Coaches Academy online program?
The Second Generation of the EHCB Coaches Academy is set to commence in December 2022 and will conclude in August 2023.
What are the prerequisites to attend the program?
All candidates applying online will send in their basic information as well open ended answers to questions in the application form. We will review each application separately and decide on our final attendees. Those accepted will receive a confirmation email and a link to make finalize their registration upon payment via separate link which will be included in the email.
Official start of the EHCB Coaches Academy?
The program will officially start after we have confirmed 15 registered participants.
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Registration is now open for candidates!
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