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[ Oct 3, 2022 ]

Collaboration between Step Ahead Sports School and the EuroLeague Head Coaches Board

EuroLeague Head Coaches are coming to the Region to educate coaches!

A collaboration between Step Ahead Sports School and the EuroLeague Head Coaches Board (EHCB) leading to the launch of a unique and advanced basketball coaches’ educational program which consists of online and in person sessions with the EuroLeague Head Coaches.

As part of its constant quest to develop basketball coaches, Step Ahead Sports School has concluded a Joint venture agreement with the EuroLeague Head Coaches Board, the first of its kind in the Middle East, Gulf and North Africa.

The participants of the Step Ahead Sports School coaching diploma will join the EHCB Members lecture and two EuroLeague Head Coaches will join the international basketball summit 2023 in the summer of 2023. The speakers and the location will be announced once defined.

Statement EHCB president Dimitris Itoudis:

We are delighted to expand our further educational activities to the Middle East and North Africa in order to educate coaches in these regions.  One of our founding principles of the EHCB has been to reach out to coaches from around the world. We have seen strong interest from these regions to participate in our educational activities and now we have a partner that is very strong for more than a decade in that field. We hope to meet all participants next summer in person at the international basketball summit 2023.

Statement EHCB Executive director Goran Sasic:

This is the first joint venture that we have with an Academy outside of Europe and we hope to attract coaches of all categories to join this program. Our EHCB members see it as an obligation to give back to coaches from around the globe. Education is not a one-way street it’s a two-way street which gives back to our members, too. Our members love to talk about basketball to coaches from different backgrounds and levels. Also, it’s a great chance to get to know the different cultures when you come from the in-person session. All I can say is then whenever our coaches came to Arab countries the hospitality is something that is memorable to them and they always talk about how unique their experiences were coming from a trip.  The passion the people in the Arab countries have is very similar like the once in basketball historical countries.  Basketball unites people and that is what we want to emphasis and we want to make bridges between the EHCB and the Arab countries.

 Statement Step Ahead Sports School president Fouad Gerges:

Our dream became true, it is a historical day for us, we are honored to have this distinguished partnership with the most prestigious basketball entity in the world. Our mission is to try to acquire the knowledge and expertise of EuroLeague head coaches to the coaches of our region.

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