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[ Jul 1, 2022 ]

Dimitris Itoudis elected as the new president of EHCB and Ioannis Sfairopoulos as the new vice-president

After the general assembly of the EuroLeague Head Coaches Board held today during the EuroLeague Head Coaches Board Congress in Antalya, Turkey, a new president and a new vice-president were elected.

Former president Zeljko Obradovic and former vice-president Pablo Laso are being succeeded by new president Dimitris Itoudis and new vice-president Ioannis Sfairopoulos after the vote of the general assembly.

"When I was elected as the first president I stated that I wanted to create the foundation of the EuroLeague Head Coaches Board and present the principals of our union", Obradovic said in his farewell message as president. "I always intended to be president just for one turn and I am happy that my long-time friends Dimitris Itoudis and Ioannis Sfairopoulos will continue our work as we want to evolve and expand as a union. We worked inside the EHCB like a family and I believe that we have been competitors on the court but now we are closer with each other. I want to thank all EHCB members for the corporation and want to invite all coaches who are not members yet to join us. "

"One of my main goals as vice-president was to educate coaches around the world and we already succeeded in this aspect, creating the EHCB Academy with the University of Belgrade and the EHCB Coaches Congress which is currently held in the Gloria Sports Arena with participants coming from more than 50 countries", Laso added. "I am happy about this and I am sure that our heirs in the next turn will expand our will to educate and help fellow coaches all over the world".

New president Dimitris Itoudis stressed the need for more collaboration and synergies in the future: "I am honoured that my fellow colleagues voted me as president and I totally understand the burden of this position. I need to thank both Zeljko Obradovic and Pablo Laso for their work and promise to everyone that our vision will be the unification of the sport at every level. I also want to invite all coaches to join the EHCB as members and coaches from around the world to join our EHCB Coaches Academy and all other activities that we do to educate current and future coaches".

New vice-president Ioannis Sfairopoulos also amplified this message: "As EuroLeague Head Coaches board our goal was always to push the envelope in European basketball and also help everyone all over the world. We have already achieved much but the best is yet to come". 


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