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[ Sep 28, 2022 ]

EuroLeague Head Coaches Board announcing its expansion

The evolution of the EuroLeague Head Coaches Board continues with a major step forward. After the remote meeting of the 26th of September, the EHCB decided to expand and include from now on Euroleague Assistant Coaches, Eurocup Head Coaches and Eurocup Assistant Coaches.

It's a major step towards the unification of the basketball landscape in Europe and ratifies the will of the EHCB to be inclusive and a major force in this direction.

EHCB president Dimitris Itoudis welcomed this expansion: “From the very first day when we have been founded we expected that we will expand and will include all coaches in our association. It was the first priority we set when Giannis and me were elected elected as president and vice president, the expansion of the EHCB. It's a topic that we have been discussing in all of our four annual assemblies and now it was the right time to do it”.

EHCB vice-president Giannis Sfairopoulos added that this is only the first step on a long and ambitious road: “This is just the first expansion and we intend to expand further. We intend to include all coaches under the Euroleague umbrella but in the future we want to unite coaches from all of Europe and even from all over the world and work together for the evolution and the improvement of the sport itself”.

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