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[ Mar 10, 2023 ]

Respect towards everyone involved in the game

EuroLeague Head Coaches Board understands that fans all over the continent make our sport unique. However, all the basketball stakeholders, including fans, must also understand that in this day and age respect towards everyone involved in the game is more than pivotal.

Insulting slurs of any kind don't belong in sports and what happened in Belgrade against our member Ergin Ataman and with other members of ours in other arenas, should be unacceptable by any standard. It’s the same and also not acceptable to hear slurs against the referees in Kaunas or against the Euroleague league management across multiple arenas.

This is a firm position that reflects the stance of our all members and it extends to everyone who is part of the game, including players, referees, and even the league itself. We are fully aware of the mentality and the sports culture that for decades deemed that kind of fan behaviour acceptable and we strongly feel that it's time for a change.

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