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[ Jun 29, 2023 ]

EuroLeague Head Coaches Board welcomes the new head of officiating Daniel Hierrezuelo!

The EHCB always sees coaches, officials, players as performers on court and we understand that referees have one of the hardest tasks to fulfill. That's why they have our respect and we consider their presence a vital part of the game. On that note, we would like to thank Richard Stokes for his services to the competition and welcome the new head of officiating Daniel Hierrezuelo.

Among our founding principles was reaching out to the EuroLeague, ELPA and UEBO and strengthen the communications will all parties involved. We believe that Daniel Hierrezuelo will help us towards this direction and together with new CEO Paulius Motiejunas and president Dejan Bodiroga the league and the game will evolve faster and grow stronger.

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