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[ Jul 8, 2023 ]


The 2023 EHCB Coaches Congress was held this week in the Gloria Resorts in Antalya, Turkey, and ended up being the place to be not just for those attending the top coaching clinic in Europe but also for the EuroLeague ecosystem high-ranking executives.

For the first time ever, the EuroLeague president Dejan Bodiroga, the EuroLeague Sports Director Ibrahim Erkan, and the EuroLeague new director of officiating Daniel Herrezuelo were present at the Congress and meet with the EuroLeague Head Coaches Board members, having a discussion about key issues of the competition's future.

That was just the start. ELPA (EuroLeague Players Association), UEBO (Union of EuroLeague Basketball Officials), and the Euroleague Strength & Conditioning Association (ESCCA) were also present at the congress, being part of open discussion panels and also having informal meetings with EHCB.

Also for the first time, not only EuroLeague head coaches but also assistant coaches and EuroCup coaches were represented, giving their own masterclasses during the four-day event. 

On top of that, more than 100 coaches from more than 30 countries traveled to Turkey and took part in the clinic, which has been already established as the best of its kind in Europe.

"Our continuing efforts to help the sport and the EuroLeague to reach its potential were mirrored in this year's Congress", said EHCB President Dimitris Itoudis, while vice-president Ioannis Sfairopoulos added: "We want to be a force that will propel everyone to the right direction, as coaches should do with their teams".

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