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[ Sep 15, 2023 ]

We stand by our member Sergio Scariolo and will support him with any means necessary

The EHCB was created with the mission to protect not only the professional rights but also the prestige of EuroLeague coaches after seven of them were fired in a three-month span just after the start of the 2018-19 season. Those decisions made by those clubs motivated us to establish the EuroLeague Basketball Dispute Resolution Chamber in Switzerland together with Euroleague Basketball.

Virtus Bologna decided to fire their coach even before the start of the season. Every club has the right to make the decisions it considers the best for its future, as it is with hiring and firing coaches when they decide. However, the EHCB believes that in this case, the decision showed unprecedented disrespect to a great professional who coached at the highest level for a lot of years, as he is an Olympic finalist, a European, and a World champion.

Every contract has obligations and responsibilities but also rights between both parties and this is why we expect that Virtus Bologna will fulfill their obligations towards Sergio Scariolo.

We stand by our member Sergio Scariolo and will support him by any means necessary.

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