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[ Oct 9, 2023 ]

The EuroLeague Head Coaches Board announces the 4th edition of the EHCB Coaches Academy!

The EHCB Coaches Academy is entering its 4th year with new upgrades but the same goals. In a very short time, our alumni can be seen already making strides in their careers, given new opportunities, and excelling in their individual career paths. 

Our online program allows participating coaches to access all lectures both live and recorded from anywhere in the world at any time while also continuing their daily work. In addition, not only will they learn from the best professors and head coaches, but they will also be given the opportunity to get to know and network with coaches from around the globe.

On top of that, for the first time ever, the 4th generation of the EHCB Coaches Academy will have the chance to spend one week as interns on a EuroLeague coaching staff.

The EHCB Coaches Academy is an innovative program like no other, specifically aimed at basketball coaches. Partnering with the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education from the University of Belgrade, we formed a curriculum aimed at teaching the fundamentals of basketball coaching from the very best in the game. For seven months, starting December 2023 and until July 2024 participating coaches in the 4th Generation of the EHCB Coaches Academy will receive online lectures divided into eight parts unlike four in the past generations of the program:

  • University of Belgrade General Academic Lectures  
  • University of Belgrade Basketball Academic Lectures
  • EuroLeague Assistant Coaches Scouting Lectures (NEW)
  • ESCCA Strength & Conditioning Coaches Lectures (NEW)
  • UEBO EuroLeague Officiating Lectures (NEW)
  • EuroLeague Doctors Medical Lectures (NEW)
  • EHCB Members Online Lectures
  • EHCB Coaches Congress
The first two sections will be delivered by the University of Belgrade while the EHCB Members Online Lectures and EHCB Coaches Congress, similar to previous editions, by the EuroLeague Head Coaches Board.

Joining the program will be the EuroLeague Assistant Coaches, the EuroLeague Strength & Conditioning Coaches Association (ESCCA), the Union of EuroLeague Basketball Officiating (UEBO), and finally, another module will focus on the medical side of the game which will be delivered by the EuroLeague Doctors.

The EHCB member coaches are at the top of the top and accumulate together well over 300 seasons as head coaches across the globe. Together, they have won endless titles including EuroLeague Championships, 204 National Championship titles, International club championships, World and European championship trophies, and Olympic Medals.

On the academic side, the prestigious Basketball Coaching College from Belgrade has for the first time in its history become available for everyone around the globe – delivering lectures online and in English.  The founder of the program, Professor Aleksandar Nikolic initially created this program with the intention of educating coaches from former Yugoslavia. Little did he know he would create a footprint for generations of future legends in coaches such as Bozidar Maljkovic, Dusan Ivkovic, and current EHCB member and former President Zeljko Obradovic. Now the program has gone global.

The program will conclude at the annual EHCB Coaches Congress for in-person sessions including panel discussions, on-court masterclasses, and networking evenings including the participants of the EHCB Coaches Academy, our EHCB Member coaches, and other participants from around the world.

With more than 350 Alumni from over 50 countries, including head coaches, assistant coaches, scouts, conditioning coaches, and sports managers, if you believe you belong in this program, we encourage you to take that next step and leap of faith in yourself and draw your own future!

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