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[ Dec 11, 2023 ]

The EuroLeague Head Coaches Board Coaches Academy extends its admission deadline after a record start for the 4th generation!

The EHCB Coaches Academy officially starts today, however after a record number of applications, the EuroLeague Head Coaches Board decided to extend the admission period until the 31st of December.

In total more than 600 applicants from more than 80 countries registered their interest to be part of the 4th generation of the EHCB Coaches Academy.

After the selection process, more than 100 participants from 44 countries ranging from youth coaches to senior-level veterans with over 30 years of experience. have already been approved and are part of the EHCB Coaches Academy.

However, considering the last-minute request by numerous applicants, the EHCB approved an extension to the admission deadline until the end of December.

"We are proud that our initiative has been embraced by coaches, trainers, scouts, analysts, officials, and more, this was our goal, to provide our knowledge to everyone and we want to be as inclusive as possible", said EHCB President Dimitris Itoudis.

EHCB vice-president Giannis Sfairopoulos added: "One of the main goals of EHCB is to educate, we are in a position to do that with the collaboration of the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education from the University of Belgrade, and due to the unprecedented registration interest we want to give every possible chance to anyone who wants to be part of the Academy".

In this spirit, the registration is also kept open until the end of the month and YOU can still join the EHCB Coaches Academy. Are you up to the challenge? JOIN NOW!

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