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[ Feb 21, 2020 ]

EuroLeague Head Coaches Board announces the 2020 EHCB Coaches Congress

The recently founded EuroLeague Head Coaches Board (EHCB) today announced the second edition of their coaching congress, the 2020 EHCB Coaches Congress which will take place on Thursday 18th of June through to Sunday 21st of June in the Gloria Sports Arena, Belek- Antalya/Turkey.

After the success of last year’s 2019 EuroLeague Coaches Clinic in Badalona, where participants from 38 countries joined some of Europe´s most prestigious coaches for a 3- and-a-half day clinic, the EHCB has opted for a longer and more in-depth edition in 2020. This year, EHCB wants to attract more aspiring coaches to enjoy a four-day long congress that will include a range of activities including: a welcome reception, panel discussions, and on court master classes. This congress will also include the EuroLeague Head Coaches Board’s annual assembly, where all EHCB members will be in attendance.

“At the EuroLeague Head Coaches Board, our main purpose and our primary goal is to educate future coaches and transmit to them values and knowledge of EuroLeague coaches. The transfer of knowledge is a two-way street, not a one-way street. Not only we as the Euroleague coaches transmit knowledge but we also like to engage in conversations with coaches from around the globe and from different categories,” said Zeljko Obradovic president of the EHCB. 

“Another founding principle of ours is to build a community through reaching out to coaches´ associations around the globe to engage in activations and dialogue. With this in mind we are very happy to announce the corporation with the Turkish Coaches Association for this 2020 EHCB Coaches Congress”, added Pablo Laso, vice-president of the EHCB.

This year the EHCB and TUBAD, the Turkish Coaches Basketball Association have joined forces to offer a unique learning and networking opportunity for coaches in Turkey.

“On behalf of TUBAD and the Board of Directors and all members of our association, I would like to state how excited we are to be a part of the organization of this event and are ready to make sure that the event will be a world class affair”, said Cetin Yilmaz, President of TUBAD. “We would like to invite all Turkish basketball coaches to participate in this congress as well as extend it to the wider basketball community. We all want to be able to enjoy this event and make the sport of basketball grow”.

The 2020 EHCB Coaches Congress will kick off on the 18th of June with a series of panel discussions on different topics such as: Motivation and competition psychology + leadership and group dynamics. On the same evening we will have a welcome reception. From the 19th until the 21st we will have on court master classes where 6 of ours coaches will discuss an offensive and a defensive topic. 

“Being responsible for the organization of such a large event is a privilege for me. It has been exciting to be a part of the vision that the EHCB has for the future of coaches in the world. For me as somebody who is a member of the EHCB and TUBAD it’s a honor to be the patron of the 2020 EHCB Coaches Congress. Today its my pleasure to announce the first four coaching masterclasses that will be led by Zeljko Obradovic, Ergin Ataman, Dimitris Itoudis and Ioannis Sfairopoulos.”, said Ahmed Caki, member of the EHCB and patron of the 2020 EHCB Coaches Congress.  

“Last year was a wonderful learning experience for everyone in Badalona and I am especially happy that our coaches from Turkey will meet coaches from around the globe. This year we will make the event bigger with more networking opportunities and socializing possibilities. Our participants and their families are more than welcomed to experience Turkish hospitality.” added Ergin Ataman member of the EHCB.

The organization opted to organize this event in Turkey because, not only does it have a strong basketball culture but it also has a unique and welcoming hospitality culture. It is for this reason that the EHCB would like to thank strategic partner in this event; Gloria Hotels & Resorts for being the perfect partner to make this event a special and welcoming week for all EHCB members, participants and their families. Gloria Hotels & Resorts are offering the luxury of hosting this event in some of the most beautiful settings possible; the Gloria Sports Arena in Serik Belek Antalya. It’s a state-of-the-art sports facility which has been used by our coaches and their teams several times and we believe it’s the right environment for our 2020 EHCB Coaches Congress. 

To faciliate travel and bookings, the organization has reached an exclusive agreement with Smart Casual Event who will be offering several different packages refer to the four different venues under the umbrella of Gloria Hotels & Resorts as well as alternative solutions. Those are the Gloria Sports Arena, Gloria Serenity Resort, Gloria Golf Resort and Gloria Verde Resort. For more information on packages please go to www.smartcasualevent.com/en/categories-ehcb-coaches-congress

Two additional partners who are making this possible are: Milimetric is one of Turkey´s most prestigious bespoke tailoring brand from Istanbul. Its handmade craftsmanship paired with the use of the finest materials will be matching the unique and sophisticated style of our coaches for the welcome reception at the 2020 EHCB Coaches Congress. Last but not least, Eurohoops a loyal partner for the past year of the EHCB, will be bringing up to date and exclusive content to all basketball fans and professionals across the globe. We share the same devotion with them and their slogan is: One Language Basketball, which the EHCB lives by.

For further information about the 2020 EHCB Coaches Congress please visit https://headcoaches.org/ehcb-coaches-congress/ or contact us at media@headocaches.org

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