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[ Apr 15, 2024 ]

EHCB, Euroleague Basketball, ELPA and UEBO release joint statement

After a historic 2023-24 Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Regular Season – and with the Play- In Showdown, Playoffs and Final Four about to start – Euroleague Basketball and its stakeholders would like to show their commitment and unity to address an issue that creates unnecessary and unjustified conflict.

In light of the public statements made about the performance of the referees by different individuals from different stakeholder groups during the Regular Season, and with the EuroLeague competition reaching the final and most vibrant stages of the season, Euroleague Basketball, the EuroLeague Head Coaches Board, the EuroLeague Players Association, and the Union of Euroleague Basketball Officials wish to encourage players, coaching staff and club executives to contribute by every possible means to generating a positive atmosphere that celebrates the games and promotes respect among fans, as well as respect between individuals from all stakeholder collectives.

Additionally, the three organizations representing players, head coaches and officials, and Euroleague Basketball, representing the participating clubs, commit themselves to create a working group to jointly developing further initiatives in the future that promote the values of respect, sportsmanship, and healthy competition while continuing to deliver the best basketball experience to millions of devoted fans.

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