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[ Jun 23, 2024 ]

The 2024 EuroLeague Head Coaches Board (EHCB) Coaches Congress made history

The biggest coaching clinic in recent years in Greece was completed on Sunday in the indoor arena of Glyfada with the participation of 700 coaches from 54 countries.

From the USA to New Zealand and Russia to Brazil, participants from the four corners of the world united in Greece, including 100 coaches from the 4th generation of the EHCB Coaches Academy.

The event was covered by 50 reporters, creating more buzz than ever. In total, there were 16 event partners with the municipality of Glyfada and the mayor Giorgos Papanikolaou hosting the EHCB Coaches Congress in the "Μ.Liougkas" indoor arena, while the Greek Ministry of Sports, the Greek Ministry of Tourism, the Greek Tourism Organization and the Greek Coaches Association (ΣΕΠΚ) providing their support.

The Minister of Sports Ioannis Vroutsis visited the event and was instrumental in its success, as also the Μinister of Tourism, Olga Kefalogianni, the Deputy of Minister of Tourism, Elena Rapti, and the General Secretary of Greek Tourism Organization, Dimitris Fragakis.

Toronto Raptors head coach Darko Rajakovic and Sacramento Kings forward Sasha Vezenkov were present, as also EuroLeague Players Association (ELPA) managing director Bostjan Nachbar, and UEBO president Sreten Radovic.

For the first time, EuroLeague TV rights holder NOVA was covering the event providing a top-quality broadcast which was also transferred to a worldwide live stream. This feature was included in the new EHCB application, which also includes the EHCB Video Platform and features a new AI tool for automatic translations in many different languages.

Professor Vilija Biciunaite gave her insight on psychology in the mental health panel discussion supported by the Empow3rd Forw4rd initiative by Stoiximan, together with EHCB president Dimitris Itoudis, and EHCB members Pablo Laso, TJ Parker, Sasa Obradovic and Selcuk Ernak. 

On the UEBO discussion panel, the topic of communication in the game was discussed between UEBO president Sreten Radovic, UEBO member Mehdi Difallah, EHCB vice-president Giannis Sfairopoulos and EHCB members Andrea Trinchieri, Erdem Can and Israel Gonzalez. 

Professor Igor Jukic gave his scientific opinions on players' workload in the ELPA discussion panel together with ELPA managing director Bostjan Nachbar, Darko Rajakovic, Sasha Vezenkov, and EHCB members Ahmet Caki, Dejan Radonjic and Sasa Obradovic. 

The masterclasses of the EHCB members Chus Mateo, Giorgos Bartzokas, Oded Kattash, Mihai Silvasan, Danny Franco, Stefanos Triantafyllos, Guillermo Frutos, and Giorgos Bozikas stole the show, while referee Mehdi Difallah explained in detail the regulation for blocks and charges.

The big finale belonged to Zeljko Obradovic and Dimitris Itoudis, long-time partners at Panathinaikos, who held a joint masterclass, simultaneously showing defense and offense interaction in five-on-five situations.

The partners of the event were the following: EuroLeague, Nova, Eurohoops, Stoiximan, Kinexon, Finist SCM, Millimetric, Vicuna, Globalsat, S4S, Nature Valley, Vikos, Tzelalis and the Nisiotissa and Papaioannou restaurants.

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