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[ Mar 18, 2020 ]

EuroLeague Head Coaches Board calls for collective action in EuroLeague

18th March 2020. Belgrade, Serbia - The outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has put the entire world in an emergency situation. European basketball in general and EuroLeague competitions, in particular, have also received their share of challenges over the weeks. Human life is the highest priority and EHCB respects and fully supports all precautionary measures taken by the respective authorities.

While fully acknowledging the seriousness of the current situation, EHCB also urges all involved parties and stakeholders to act responsibly and in the sole interest of collective benefits. Strong leadership, solidarity, responsibility, and accountability need to be demonstrated by all key stakeholders.

All EHCB members are fully aware of their responsibility and declare their full commitment to do the right thing by showing strong leadership in these difficult times.

That's why, in a time where there is a call for unity and solidarity across the globe, the EHCB would like to highlight the need for transparity in decisions concerning possible contract disputes. And while it seems like a trivial reminder, clubs and coaches should honor their contracts and act accordingly to them.

In the first days of the league suspension, all EHCB members have acted according to their obligations, keeping in mind their role as leaders and also their rights as employees.

The EHCB reiterates the need for a standard framework for all its members in order to eliminate differing practices in contractual matters between its members and clubs. Among other improvements, the standard contract is intended to provide additional protection in case of invalidity or death of an EHCB member which was the first proposal turned to Euroleague in July 2019.

This step will, on the one hand, help increase the transparency and efficiency of the contracting process between head coaches and clubs, and on the other hand, ensure more effective mitigation of risks associated with the role of a head coach.

It will also clarify the roles and responsibilities of contracting parties, hence protect not only the EHCB members but also the clubs from contract breaches caused by unilateral decisions of any of the parties.

We wish the entire basketball community strength and resilience through these difficult times and hope that everything gets back to normal as soon as possible. 

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