The EuroLeague Head Coaches Board Video Platform

EHCB Video Platform

The EHCB Video Platform is a tool to transfer knowledge to coaches around the globe who have not been able to attend the 2019 EuroLeague Coaches Clinic. We want to educate future coaches and transmit to them EuroLeague coaches masterminds insights. This digital platform is designed as a global networking tool where all basketball coaches can e-meet and exchange ideas and messages through the internal HUDL Messenger. Currently we have people from 40+ countries communicating with each other on this video platform.

In the first week of July 2019 Badalona hosted the first ever EuroLeague Coaches Clinic. Six of EuroLeague coaching masterminds and members of the EuroLeague Head Coaches Board gave on-court masterclasses on offense and defense technical and tactical elements in basketball. The three and a half days event included a masterclass by event partner and technological scouting platform Hudl, whose representatives explained to attendees the strategic strengths of their technologies.

So, where do I start?

This exclusive material will be available on the video platform until the 2020 EHCB Coaches Congress which will take place in Turkey in June 2020 .

Please note:

This material can be accessed by any device Android, IOS, Windows. You can download the HUDL app in the relevant App Stores.

Videos will not be sold one by one only as a collective.

The access to this platform costs 300 Euro and the payment is non-refundable.

For any further information please contact us at: info@headcoaches.org

Watch Teasers

A four-time EuroLeague winner, Ettore Messina, is one of the greatest coaches in European basketball history.
Offensive Topic: Pick N Roll Offense
Defensive Topic: Pick N Roll Defense
He won the Euroleague in 2013, and became the "Alexander Gomelsky Coach of the Year".
Offensive Topic: Offense versus Switching Defenses
Defensive Topic: Switching Defense
Pablo Laso is synonymous with the return of Real Madrid to greatness, winning two EuroLeague titles in 2015 and 2018.
Offensive Topic: Set Offenses with Screening Series
Defensive Topic: Defense versus Set Offenses with Screening Series
He was one of the most important players in European basketball and one of the 50 most important figures in Euroleague.
Offensive Topic: Full Court Zone Press Breakers
Defensive Topic: Full Court Zone Pressure Defense
Xavi Pascual has led Barcelona to the EuroLeague title in 2010 and won the same season the EuroLeague coach of the year award.
Offensive Topic: Preseason Offensive Strategies
Defensive Topic: Preseason Defensive Strategies
Zeljko Obradovic holds the record in European basketball history by winning nine EuroLeague titles. He won a EuroLeague title with all five clubs that he has coached
Offensive Topic: Low Post Offense
Defensive Topic: Low Post Defense

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